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An intensive User Design

Conference – the first of

its kind in India


16th and 17th June 2012

Vivanta By Taj Hotel, M G Road

Bangalore, India

Topics & Workshops

Mobile Web Experience

Mobile UX

Topic: Mobile Web ExperienceDay 1

Mobile web is no longer the proviso of bored commuters. Everything you can do on a computer can now be done on a mobile - and it will soon be the most popular way to access the web. So how do we deal with context when the context is 'anyone, anywhere, on any kind of device'? How to make it simple when users are constantly demanding more features? This interactive presentation gives you some simple rules for making sense of the most exciting and rapidly growing design challenge of our time.

Workshop: Designing Mobile InteractionDay 2

Designing for mobile is no longer about creating cut-down versions of 'real' apps – this is one of the most demanding and rewarding areas you can work in. In this detailed workshop, Giles will teach you how to plan a roadmap of features and content, how to use simple tools to prototype your designs and demonstrate the key differences between designing for mobile, tablet and desktop. He'll also explain how to test and refine your designs.

Learning outcomes

  • Setting a mobile strategy: app, mDot or responsive website?
  • How to adapt your process for responsive design
  • How to plan and prototype your mobile interface
  • The right way to test mobile user interfaces
Giles Colborne

Giles Colborne

Managing Director at pioneering user-centred design agency cxpartners new window, Giles is highly respected as an international User Experience expert and regularly speaks at conferences worldwide. As well as being the author of Simple and Usable – a book about web, mobile and interaction design - Giles has worked with the British Standards Institute to develop guidance on web accessibility, and also sits on the UPA Global Advisory Committee and International Conference Committee, and is Co-chair for IA Summit 2013.

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