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An intensive User Design

Conference – the first of

its kind in India


16th and 17th June 2012

Vivanta By Taj Hotel, M G Road

Bangalore, India

Speakers / Dr Nadia Berthouze

Dr Nadia Berthouze

Nadia is senior lecturer at the UCL Interaction Centre (UCLIC) new window - where psychology meets computer science to explore Human-Computer Interaction – developing pioneering technology that can recognize and respond to posture and body movement in humans. Dr Berthouze has published more than 100 papers in affective computing, data mining, human-machine interaction, and pattern recognition. Among her many ground-breaking projects, she is currently investigating laughter in human-avatar interaction.


Conference subject: Affective InteractionDay 1

Emotions play an important role in our lives, strongly affecting the way we perceive, interpret and act upon our environment. It's therefore vitally important for technology to learn to understand, support or even regulate human emotional process. In this enthralling talk, Nadia will give you an overview of Affective Interaction and Computing, revealing the complex theories behind it, describing how state-of-the-art technologies work, and sharing the new challenges emerging in this ground-breaking field.

Workshop: Designing for Emotional ExperienceDay 2

The aim of the workshop is to expose participants to structured approaches to understanding the emotional needs of a user and designing technology that can support these needs. The in-depth workshop will explore what emotions are for, how an emotional experience can be captured and how it can be structured and analysed to support the design process as well touching upon methods to support persuasive design. The workshop will be organized as a set of short presentations on the theory behind such approaches followed by hands-on sessions.

Learning outcomes

  • Greater understanding of the role that emotions play in humans
  • Basic knowledge and skills to design and evaluate systems that are aware of, support, or regulate user affective experience
  • An understating of persuasive design
  • Hands-on experience

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